About Us


We are a fast growing property investment company with core strengths in real estate advisory, acquisitions, investment, development and marketing. In over five years of operations, we have developed business processes and progressive partnerships that ensure that we engage our clients with realty options that provide safe havens for their funds as well as maximum returns on their investments.

We take pride in being able to employ a multi-disciplinary approach to property marketing that combines global intelligence, precise valuations and exceptional customer service, tailored to suit the needs of our esteemed clientele.

We have advised and guided both discerning buyers and astute investors through the dynamic property market to make worthwhile acquisitions of very notable properties in Nigeria. We always aim at exceeding our clients' expectations and are willing to do the same for you.

Who we are?

We shall collectively and individually put our clients' interest first and ensure they get the very best value in terms of time, resources and trust invested in our expertise always..

To be among the top three real estate investment companies in Africa.

Our Services

  • Property Investment Advisory Services

    "Every service we offer is tailored deliberately to ensure that our clients make fully informed decisions especially during negotiations and are able to conclude transactions as quickly and efficiently as possible. " We are fully aware of how challenging it can be to make any kind of investment decision. And when it comes to real estate, you want to be certain that your best interest is served whether you are buying your dream home, purchasing a commercial property or managing your existing portfolio of property investments. Pekuliar Properties will help you manage the process of making the best decisions with the right kind of advisory service, due diligence and investment options.
  • Property Marketing & Sales

    Our experience within the industry has ingrained in us the need to anticipate the needs and expectations of prospective buyers and investors. With the kind of analytical tools and market intelligence at our disposal, we are able to offer our clients the right kind of property options for their budgets and investment goals.
  • Property/Facility Management

    This is the part of our service commitment that allows us the opportunity to help our clients professionally manage their facilities, spaces and tenancy for optimal benefit and productivity.
  • Real Estate Brokerage

    Whether you are in the market to put your resources into properties for the future or you are a seller looking to get excellent offers on your real estate, at Pekuliar Properties we have the best network of partners and market information to ensure that you get the value you deserve. We understand the market, we provide the options, and we manage the process.